THE UPGRADE: Complete series: Books 1 – 6 by Wesley Cross PDF Download

Download THE UPGRADE: Complete series: Books 1 – 6 by Wesley Cross PDF novel free. “THE UPGRADE: Complete series: Books 1 – 6” is an outright exciting read from page one. The composition are delightfully written in a style that readers of Wesley’s work have generally expected. Be ready to set everything to the side as you can not put the book down.

THE UPGRADE: Complete series: Books 1 – 6 by Wesley Cross Summary

THE UPGRADE: Complete series: Books 1 – 6 is a fast-paced novel written by Wesley Cross. The book is available in both PDF and EPUB formats. Summary of “THE UPGRADE: Complete series: Books 1 – 6 by Wesley Cross” is written below. You can read the summary of the book before downloading the the full EPUB-PDF below.


Corporate warfare. Human augmentation. Buckle up for a wild ride!Read the complete 6-book collection of this internationally best-selling series as a single boxed set. From Book 1: There’s a corporate cabal that wants to rule the world. Some might say it has been doing it already for decades by whatever means necessary. But they are no longer content to hide in the shadows. They want to become true masters. Jason Hunt knows nothing about that world. But when his wife becomes ill, he finds himself pitted against the cabal that might hold the key to her survival. To save her, he needs to embrace technology he doesn’t understand, take over a billion-dollar company without a billion dollars, outsmart professional assassins, and land a contract with the DOD. But even that might not be enough. THE UPGRADE Praise for THE UPGRADE ★★★★★ “I’d love to see this picked up for a major motion picture. “★★★★★ “I’m obsessed with this series!”★★★★★ “Exciting and thought-provoking. “★★★★★ “Enjoyed every bit of it. No slow points, powerful action. “★★★★★ “Great read with great characters. “★★★★★ “A thriller that will grab you and not let go!”★★★★★ “Whirlwind of action. “★★★★★ “You’ll love this if you like conspiracy theories. “★★★★★ “I could not put it down. “★★★★★ “The action moves at a crackling, fast pace with concise chapters a la Patterson and Baldacci with the seamlessness of a true pro. “★★★★★ “One of the finest, most riveting novels published this year. “★★★★★ “Political intrigue, corporate subterfuge, democracy under attack from a business cabal, espionage, murder, retribution, and a darn good story to boot. “An international #1 Technothriller#1 CyberpunkFROM THE I love science fiction in general and cyberpunk in particular. There are, of course, thousands of great cyberpunk books and movies, from William Gibson’s Neuromancer and The Matrix to many wonderful indie novels and films. But I’ve always been fascinated with how we get from today’s world to the world of garish neon lights and deadly cyborgs. The world where corporations more powerful than any government are battling each other under the “sky the color of television tuned to a dead channel. ” The Upgrade series explores just that. Enjoy the ride. You may also like Aftertaste and Other Stories by Brett O’Reilly PDF Download

Details About THE UPGRADE: Complete series: Books 1 – 6 by Wesley Cross PDF

  • Novel Title: THE UPGRADE: Complete series: Books 1 – 6
  • Author: Wesley Cross
  • Language: English
  • Genre:
  • Formats: PDF/EPUB
  • Status: Available for Download.
  • Series: The Upgrade #1-6
  • Published Date: November 26, 2022
  • Price: Free
  • [PDF] File Size: 4.6 MB
  • [EPUB] File Size: 1.4 MB

THE UPGRADE: Complete series: Books 1 – 6 by Wesley Cross PDF Download

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